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Truly, hardwood flooring adds a wonderful charm and elegance to the property, irrespective if it’s a home or an office. It is, however, vital to bear in mind that over time, due to every day wear and tear that occurs from pets, high heel shoes, and of course, spills of liquids, can destroy the beautiful appearance of a wooden floor. During these times, sanding and refinishing can be considered, but they are certainly expensive choices. Therefore, reviving the wooden floors may be considered as it is a not so expensive treatment. At Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood, we believe in keeping the wooden floors clean and in good shape. Our trained and certified professionals will use specialized equipments and cleaners specially formulated and designed to keep the wooden floors clean.

Some of the property owners think that regular mopping and dusting will suffice the need of keeping the wood floor clean and alive; however, that’s not true. The fact is, you need professional assistance of trained cleaners who will employ powerful and effective cleaning techniques to ensure that your wooden floor is properly restored back to its pristine state. Therefore, it is strongly advisable to take help from the well trained and background checked technicians of Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood who carry years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in wood floor cleaning arena. Cleaning wood floors is a daunting task, and so rely on Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood staff to remove unseen dirt and debris from deep within your wood floors.

Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood: Our Solutions!

At Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood, we strongly believe in providing professional solutions to all our clients, in addition to maintaining our promise to Mother Nature. This means, all our cleaning agents and techniques are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

Hardwood Cleaning West Hollywood

Rest assured, our techniques and methods are specially designed to clean wood floors. So, our crew members know their jobs really well. Besides, we have helped thousands of clients in the past to have their wood floors cleaned. Have faith in our abilities. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your wood floor is gently cleaned without causing any damages. Also, we can help you with the polishing aspect, in case if you fancy watching that spark on your wooden floors!

All in all, our systems and techniques are in place. We promise to deliver our claims.

Take a look at how the crew of Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood works.

  1. Booking of services
    The whole process of wood floor cleaning begins with a simple phone call from the client. We take bookings over the phone, which means you will have to call us on our helpline number and schedule an appointment. We provide services all year round, including on weekends and public holidays. So feel free to schedule an appointment as per your convenience.
  2. Inspection and Assessment
    Once an appointment is scheduled, our background checked and certified technicians of Green Wood Floor Cleaning West Hollywood will arrive at your facility to perform a thorough inspection of the floors and look for any anomalies that require attention.
  3. Employ cleaning solutions
    We use powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning products that do not contain any harsh chemicals and are safe for humans and pets. Our technicians will use these products to loosen the dirt and debris, before vacuuming them away.
  4. Hand cleaning
    The next step involves hand cleaning wherein our technicians will use a microfibre cloth in order to reach through the corners of the floor.
  5. Finishing touch
    Here, we will ensure that the entire wood floor is once again cleaned, and gives a noticeable finish.
  6. Final inspection
    Lastly, our crew will run through the entire assignment to ensure that the work done is up to the mark. Feel free to give your feedbacks, ask questions or request for queries, if any.

Remember, our primary aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We will work hard to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our work. Call us at 123-456-7890 to know more about our services or to book an appointment with us.

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